Sant Silin Fair 10/2/2018


Horse and cattle fairs were commonplace in rural Ceredigion until the turn of the 20th century. It was around this time that the joint threat of the train and the new, weekly farmers’ marts put an end to the small and very local fairs.

Next Saturday (February 10th), the community of Cribyn is looking to strengthen its future by turning back the clock. Says one of the organisers, Euros Lewis: ‘Like all the rural fairs, Ffair Sant Silin was a colourful and zestful way of bringing people together. Rich and poor. Young and old. All would join together in the excitement of the fair. Today, rural communities are trying to cope with a period of profound change. In Cribyn, we think that the time is right to bring back our own fair day – a day that will inspire everyone, whatever their age, language or background, to join together in a great day of communal celebration.’

Traditionally, Ffair Sant Silin was held on February 7th – the feast day of the Christian teacher and preacher who settled in Cribyn during the 5th century. Says Euros: ‘On fair day, cattle, sheep and horse would be bought and sold in a field adjacent to Penlancapel farm, on the outskirsts of the village. Excitement would build as everyone waited for the day’s great theatre – the parading of the horses from the fair field through the village to the square outside the Three Horse Shoe pub.’

A re-enactment of the parade will be the starting point of the new Ffair Sant Silin. ‘Welsh cobs from the famous Maesmynach stud along with Wyndham Jones’s horse and cart will head this year’s parade’ says Euros. ‘Following behind will be Cribyn children carrying grand banners of their own making and we hope that locals and visitors alike will join in the sense of theatre by walking in the parade wearing traditional period clothes - anything and everything that will add to the colour of this day of celebration.’

The parade will eventually end at Ysgol Cribyn where each community group will have its stall and where local rural craftsmen will be at work. Folk singers and dancers will be weaving in and around the crowd and the afternoon will end with everyone having an opportunity to watch Wales challenging England at Twickenham on the fair’s big screen.

Says Euros: ‘We don’t know much about Silin. What we do know is that he was a pioneer spirit – a venturer that brought people together to work on and behalf of each other. That spirit is still very much alive and well in Cribyn, as the new Ffair Sant Silin is set to celebrate.’

FFAIR SANT SILIN – Saturday, Feb. 10th – 1.15pm: Assemble / 1.30: Parade commences / 2.15 appx: arrive at Ysgol Cribyn

Further information:

Euros Lewis        07813 173155 / 01570 471500 / 470135